Crab running

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Crab running

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just finished with sorting all the data.
unlocked myself from the basement and released the laptop for normal use so the wife is happy again...:D

over 40GB of movie cut into just over 3 minutes, tried to use as much material but not making it too long or boring.
the rear actioncam picks up moist and the lens gets blurry in no time so not much useable footage from that one.

it was a rainy day untill 2 in the afternoon.
only a short shower at 3 were the wind picked up for a short time and i had to stop for 5 minuntes to prevent an eject.
the seat of the Crab will be modified: the now layed-back position will be more upright so i can brace myself more to go bigger and faster.
speed today was just over 65km/H...
: whistlingb :

enough said, hope you like this one also:

the trailer:

the movie:
Libre Vampir Race Pro series
PKD Joy series
Twister kitebuggy with sideride
Twister crab buggy in the making

from 2005 till now i've driven well over 27000 buggy-km.
solo-speed +98km/u.
my Youtubless-channel
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Re: Crab running

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beautiful spot you got there and great crab buggy!
it looks very professional and works like a charm !!